increasing challenges

Paint manufacturers today more than ever need to innovate to ensure their growth and strenghten their position in the market. The diverse challenges force them to put innovation at the heart of their corporate strategy, as the key to competitiveness.
production costs
These include rising raw material costs, increasing energy costs, and labor costs. These factors are putting a strain on paint manufacturers' margins and forcing them to find ways to reduce costs or pass on the costs to customers.
market competition
Competition is putting pressure on existing players to differentiate themselves and find ways to stand out from the crowd. Paint manufacturers are responding to increased competition by focusing on innovation, cost reduction, and operational efficiency. They are also looking for ways to expand into new markets.
market development
The paint market is changing rapidly, as new technologies and trends emerge. This is creating new opportunities for paint manufacturers, but it is also making it more difficult to keep up with the pace of change.

Hello, my Name is Habib Mourdi

As a paint formulation consultant, I help paint manufacturers establish themselves as top companies in their industry with their products. Thanks to my extensive professional experience in paint development, I am able to shorten and improve the product development cycles of these companies, making market entry significantly more successful.

  • 1983-1988: Studies Industrial Chemistry Engineering in Brussels.
  • 1988-1997: Head of laboratory R&D CHIMICOLOR PEINTURES
    Responsible for the brands Carboline, Ameron,PPG and Jotun Marine.
  • 1997-2000: Technical Director COLORADO PEINTURES
    Optimization of production, machinery, and processes. Introduction of new products in the building and industrial sectors. Establishment of a department for colorimetry and formulation of pigment concentrates.
  • 2000-2002: Technical and commercial contact person at BASF Morocco for the paint and paper industry.
  • 2002-2005: Director of Sales at BASF Morocco. Responsible for sales to the paint, paper, textile, and leather industries.
  • 2006-2010: Manager at BATI 3I. Application of industrial coatings (anti-corrosion, epoxy and PU for floors), thermal and sound insulation and liquid sealing.
  • 2011-2023: Head of the company Maître Solutions Trading. Trading of raw materials for the chemical industry.
  • 2024: Head of the company Maître Solutions consulting. Formulation consulting for the paint industry.
Habib Mourdi

Paint Formulation Consultant

From Idea to Market

Paint Formulation Consulting

In every project, I analyse the big picture and take into account important aspects such as product requirements, development, formulation and market entry. Because only when all of these elements work together harmoniously can a successful product be created.
Requirements Analysis
The goal of requirements analysis is to clearly define the functional and non-functional requirements of the product, ensuring that it meets the needs of the target audience and aligns with the overall business objectives.
The formulation stage involves the development of the paint's chemical composition, taking into account the requirements identified during the analysis phase. We will carefully select and combine various ingredients, such as pigments, resins, and solvents, to achieve the desired properties, including color, durability, application characteristics, and environmental performance.
Market Entry
The market entry strategy should be tailored to the specific industry, competitive landscape, and target audience. Effective marketing and sales strategies are essential to create awareness, generate interest, and drive demand for the product.
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Industries in which I am working as a paint formulation consultant

Industry Expertise

Flooring Paint
Acrylic paint for marking. Paint for road signs. Epoxy solvent paint for floors. Solvent-free multi-layer epoxy floor paint. Polyurethane floor paint. Polyurea system.
Industrial coatings & anti-corrosion systems
Cellulosic lacquer. Oven lacquer. Quick-drying alkyd lacquer. Quick-drying acrylic lacquer. Epoxy system. Epoxy-zinc system. Epoxy-vinyl system. Epoxy-Tar System. Alkyde system. Polyuréthane system.
Matte, satin and glossy water-based paints. Interior plaster, exterior plaster. Matte, satin and glossy alkyd paints. Sealing paints. Decorative paints with pearlescent effect, sans effect. Venetian Stucco. Anti-rust paints. Wood varnish. Water-based, solvent-based and mixed pigment pastes.
Cellulose system. Synthetic system. Polyurethane system. Cellulosic putty. Polyester putty. Two-coat metallic finish paint. Two-component polyurethane topcoat. Polyurethane varnish with isocyanate hardener.
Paint system for application above the waterline. Paint system for application below the waterline. Marine paint for wood. Epoxy system for ballast. Rust protection coatings. Traditional anti-fouling. Self-polishing anti-fouling.
I work confidentially with my customers. Therefore, the following case studies are anonymized.

Client Case Studies

Client Project (confidential)
Customer Inquiry: The polyurethane paint for tanks and structures had a colour change and poor resistance in the marine environment.

Our intervention: After studying the existing formula, we carried out multi-level tests that allowed us to optimize the ratios of the different ingredients and introduce new materials. After laboratory and industrial tests, the customer was able to quadruple the production of this product with 100% satisfaction.
Client Project (confidential)
Customer Inquiry: The oven-drying paint had a low yield and a storage stability problem, resulting in a large loss of product and endless complaints.

Our intervention: After studying the existing formula, we optimized the production process. We have introduced a new generation of additives, thanks to which we have achieved excellent results. After laboratory tests and industrial trials, the customer was able to have a competitive advantage over its competitors, produced with 100% satisfaction.
Client Project(confidential)
Customer Inquiry: Introduce a new anti-corrosion epoxy system for steel structures.

Our intervention: We have previously studied the specifications of the clients and we have established the product characteristics to be formulated. After that, we brought in all the necessary raw materials and started the testing and optimization. After the mechanical tests and the salt pray aging tests, we validated the formula and started production formula and start industrial production. With this anti-corrosion paint system, the customer has seen the opening of a new market with better profitability.

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